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90 Self-Esteem Resources for Girls

Supporting girls’ self-esteem during adolescence can be beneficial when they face challenges with identity formation and personal growth.

How Art Therapy Can Improve Your Mental and Emotional Health

Art therapy can be a beneficial tool that can help teens and young adults process their emotions and support their mental health.

Disclosing a Mental Health Condition at Work

Being open about mental health can be daunting, but research shows that disclosure can lead to better workplace environments and reduce stigmas.

What to Do When Video Game Overuse Harms Your Relationship

Online Counseling Programs talks to experts about what couples can do when video game use is affecting their relationships.

How to Protect Your Mental Health While Fighting Racial Injustice

Fighting racial injustice can include putting yourself in vulnerable positions to witness traumatic incidents.

Mental Health Resources for Young Adults with Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder affects millions of teens who struggle to cope with intense mood swings. Here is a list of resources for support.